Here at Winners’ Chapel Port Harcourt, there is a place for everyone. We have many opportunities for every person to minister and in turn, be ministered to.  Take the time to explore the different ministry opportunities and take the time to serve and get involved.  There are many benefits of kingdom service and the word of God validates this in Exodus 23:25, “you shall serve the Lord your God, and he shall bless thy bread, and thy water; and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee”.

One of the most rewarding things you can do is to be of service to others. It not only helps others but it also helps you. Amongst other things, it gives you self confidence and more importantly, great joy.  So take the time to pray about where God wants you to serve and get plugged in.  Remember, “…it is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). As you give your time, and services, God’s blessings will never elude you and your household in Jesus name.


Listed below are some of the service units operational within our Church system with a summary of their functions:

Functions: To receive, direct and guide worshipers to their seats and ensure general orderliness during service.

Distribution of church-related materials, such as handbills, magazines etc. Psalms 84:10

Contact : +234 8035490329

Functions: To maintain general cleanliness of the auditorium and church premises. Exodus 19:10-11, Genesis 2:15
Contact : +234 8034010905

Functions: To ensure orderly human traffic within the auditorium and the church premises during service periods. 1 Corinthians 14:40

Contact : +234 8023755839

To ensure safety of lives and property within and around the premises during church services.
Attends to vehicular movement outside the main sanctuary and the adjoining roads leading to the church.  Nehemiah 7:3

Contact : +234 8033383997

To attend to the welfare of the worshipers.

Creates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in the church services.

Ensures smooth flow of passengers in and out of the buses.  Romans 12:13, Hebrews 13:1-2
Contact : +234 8033407839

To welcome special guests and provide relevant information to worshipers.
Contact : +234 7061643723

To provide first aid and attend to medical emergencies of worshippers during church services.

Directs and helps members in need of medical attention at the church clinic and during healing school programs. Luke 10:33-34 
Contact : +234 07031553085

To ensure effective functioning of the Audio-Visual and electric equipment during church services.

Production of teaching tapes on CDs.  Exodus 36:1-2
Contact : +234 8032330063

To ensure smooth and vehicular movement in and out of the church premises.
Contact : +234 8032933284

To ensure easy commuting of worshippers to and from church.
Contact : +234 7039593531

To ensure the smooth running of the children’s unit of the church and to present the gospel to the children at their level of understanding. Deuteronomy 6:6-7
Contact : +234 8032017467/ 8055343887

To minister in songs and lead worshippers in praise and worship sessions.

Leads the congregation to offer quality praise and worship music, ministers inspirational spiritual songs.  2Chronicles 5:13-14
Contact : +234 7031123536

To ensure the beautification of the church auditorium. Exodus 31:2-17
Contact : +234 8033864900

Receives and counsels new converts after every service.

Ensures follow-up of new converts and first time worshippers in order to facilitate their establishment in the faith and in the church.  Acts 15:36, 18:25-26
Contact : +234 8033361454

Organizes periodic evangelism to bring the lost sheep back to Christ.  John 15:1
Contact : +234 8032637189

Propagates the gospel through drama sketches during the service.  Romans 1:19-20, Jeremiah 18:2-6


  • Records milestone activities of the Church such as Messages, Testimonies, Thanksgiving and Dedication including Shiloh events.
  • Oversees the publication of the Church’s monthly bulletin, “SIGNS & WONDERS TODAY”
  • Edits and supervises the production of all edifying materials, both printed and electronic copies for the Church.

 Membership is by application. Serving and non- serving Media and ICT practitioners, Graphic designers, Linguists, Multimedia operators, people with flair for writing and other interested members are welcome.  Psalms 68:11

Contact : +234 8063004331

Among the 12 Pillars of this commission is Prayer.  This is because God will not arise until men first arise to pray. Scriptures speaking in Mathew 16:18 said ‘’……….I will build my church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it…’’ This Commission was born on the altar of 26 months of unbroken prayer chain and can only be sustained by the same force of prayer.

 God is always looking for men who will stand between heaven and earth, between mortality and immortality to ensure His agenda on earth is fully established (Ezekiel 22:30). Men who ensure that the fire on the altar does not go out. People who weep between the porch and the altar for the rescue of humanity (Joel 2:17). Men who decree restore! Restore! Men and Women who have chosen to be restless until God establishes Jerusalem!

 This is the end time army described in Joel 2: 1-10.

 Enlist in this army today and be endued with the POWERS of the world to come for a Heaven on Earth lifestyle.

 Jesus is Lord

Kc Hope

Leader, Prayer Force

Contact : +234 8033361454

The maintenance unit is one of the service units of the Living Faith Church(Winners Chapel) 4 Kaduna street D/line, Port Harcourt. It is a technical unit made up of faithful believers of our Lord Jesus who have dedicated their technical talents and skills both acquired and inborn to the service of GOD and His people.


 To see to the stability and improvement of all electrical, mechanical and civil installations in the church through Predictive, Preventive and corrective maintenance practices


 To use our services to enforce the vision of the Ministry through sound Kingdom growth principles and righteousness.

 The unit basically undertakes the following Kingdom services:

  1. Installations and routine maintenance of all electrical equipment and facilities in the church.
  1. Installation, maintenance and repair of the water system in the church, to ensure availability and flow of water in the church.
  1. The unit also carries out vulcanizing, and light auto checks for members of the church after service on Sundays and other service days

 The Maintenance unit meets every Saturday by 7am for weekly routine maintenance activities

Contact : +234 8035431332


If you are interested in any of the service groups above, please pick up a form at the Protocol stand in the church auditorium. God bless you and may you reap the great benefits of Kingdom service as you get plugged in, in Jesus name.