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Miracle Job via Prophetic Declaration

I thank God for the Easter package He gave to me.

During my service year, I cultivated the habit of packaging end-of-the-month thanksgiving seed to thank God in anticipation of my miracle job. After my Youth service; I attended Interviews but did not secure any job for different reasons put forward by the employers.

Two Sundays ago, I received and believed the Resident Pastor’s declaration that we would receive our miracle jobs that week. Two days later, I was called for an interview in a place I did not apply for and when I got there, they kept me unattended to for 4 hours. I was almost downcast when I was asked to go but then I remembered one of our Pastor’s remarks that the devil will always want to steal your joy so I stayed joyful, declaring that the job is for me.

After the Youth Alive program on Thursday, I returned a missed phone call that culminated in my being asked by the same Company to come on Saturday to discuss my salary package. To the glory of God; I got the job without application, Interview, or experience.

-Stella David -West


Admission via High Praise

In December 2019, I applied for post graduate studies and wrote the exam last year. The first batch of result was released before the COVID-19 pandemic started and I did not get the admission.

So in December 2020; the school released a bulletin that every applicant who did not get admission should re-apply by submitting a fresh application but I declined and rather applied to two other Universities because I did not want to go to that school anymore.

However, I did not get admitted into any of those schools; so I went back to the initial school to resubmit my earlier application. During the third service praise session, when the Resident Pastor was closing the program he said we should tie our praise to something we want God to do for us.

I did exactly that by tying my admission for Master’s Degree to it and by 3PM on Monday, I got the admission. Hallelujah!

Beatrice Olorunniyi

Financially Blessed!

In the course of the Easter Youth Alive Conference, our Father in the Lord prophesied that someone would receive an unexpected miracle alert and I keyed into that declaration.

On Saturday 3rd April, 2021 I had an appointment with someone and on my way to honour the appointment, I shared the church flyers and tracts to everyone that I came across.

On arriving at the venue of the appointment and after our meeting; he made a huge transfer to my Bank account. I was also recommended to another client who made another huge transfer to my account.

As if that was not enough, one of my debtors called me and apologized to me, then pleaded to pay the following day. I return all the glory to God.

Kofi Isaac


Healed & Restored via the Anointing Oil!

My brother-in-law was diagnosed of different illnesses, one of which was a ruptured intestine.

He was billed for surgery but at about 3AM on the 26th of December, he started vomiting blood and was rushed to the hospital; where I met and prayed with him.

In that atmosphere of prayer, I was led to administer the Shiloh anointing oil on him, re-echoing every declaration that God’s servant made, especially the one about not losing loved ones and relatives.

Consequently, for each of the 10 days he spent in the hospital, we administered the Shiloh Anointing oil on him and he also took a shot of it daily.

To the glory of God, after 10 days, the ruptured intestine returned to normal.

Raymond  Nna

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